Сила подсознания, или Как изменить жизнь за 4 недели
Вторая жизнь Уве
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ANNE ASHLEY, Lady Knightley's Secret
Allison Leigh, Married To A Stranger
Victoria Chancellor, The Prince's Texas Bride
Tina Beckett, The Soldier She Could Never Forget
Susan Stephens, The Man From her Wayward Past
Ann Lethbridge, Lady Rosabella's Ruse
Alison Kelly, Man About The House
Trish Morey, The Sheikh's Convenient Virgin
Teresa Southwick, When A Hero Comes Along
SUSAN MEIER, The Twelve Dates of Christmas
Ana Seymour, Jeb Hunter's Bride
Wendy Rosnau, The Right Side Of The Law
Trish Morey, The Ruthless Greek's Virgin Princess
Teresa Southwick, Wedding Rings and Baby Things
Susan Mallery, The Sheik & the Princess in Waiting
Amanda Renee, Home to the Cowboy
Victoria Parker, The Woman Sent to Tame Him
Tori Carrington, Where You Least Expect It
Teresa Southwick, The Sheikh's Reluctant Bride
Susan Crosby, The Bachelor's Stand-In Wife
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