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Маги без времени
Ведьмак (сборник)

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Caroline Anderson, Just a Family Doctor
Carla Cassidy, His Case, Her Baby
Candace Havens, Her Last Best Fling
B.J. Daniels, Love at First Sight
Anne McAllister, Hired by Her Husband
Carole Mortimer, Liam's Secret Son
Cara/Cassidy Colter/Caron, Love's Nine Lives
CAITLIN CREWS, In Defiance of Duty
B.J. Daniels, Howling In The Darkness
Anne Mather, Leopard In The Snow
CAROL MARINELLI, Italian Boss, Ruthless Revenge
Cara Colter, Interview with a Tycoon
Brenda Minton, Jenna's Cowboy Hero
Annie West, Imprisoned by a Vow
Anne Mather, Legacy Of The Past
Carol Townend, Leaves On The Wind
Cara Colter, Housekeeper Under The Mistletoe
BEVERLY BARTON, Jack's Christmas Mission
ANNIE BURROWS, Lord Havelock's List
Anne Ha, Long, Tall Temporary Husband
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