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Margaret Way, Wealthy Australian, Secret Son
Maggie Kingsley, The Surgeon's Marriage
Lynda Sandoval, You, And No Other
Lucy Ashford, The Major and the Pickpocket
Liz Fielding, The Tycoon's Takeover
Margaret Moore, The Norman's Heart
M.L. Gamble, Trust With Your Life
LUCY MONROE, Valentino's Love-Child
Louise Fuller, Vows Made in Secret
Leah Martyn, Wedding in Darling Downs
Margaret Daley, When Dreams Come True
Lynn Harris, The Devil's Heart
Lucy Ellis, Untouched by His Diamonds
Louise Allen, Virgin Slave, Barbarian King
Laurie Grant, The Duchess And The Desperado
Maggie Price, The Cradle Will Fall
Lynn Bulock, To Trust a Stranger
Lucy Ashford, The Outrageous Belle Marchmain
Liz Talley, The Spirit of Christmas
Kristin Hardy, Where There's Smoke
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