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JACQUELINE BAIRD, Untamed Italian, Blackmailed Innocent
Helen Dickson, The Earl and the Pickpocket
Gail Martin, Upon a Midnight Clear
Emilie Rose, The Price of Honour
Elizabeth Harbison, Wife Without a Past
JACQUELINE BAIRD, The Sabbides Secret Baby
Heidi Rice, Too Close for Comfort
Gail Barrett, To Protect a Princess
Ellen James, The Man Next Door
Donna Clayton, The Nanny's Plan
Isabel Sharpe, While She Was Sleeping...
Grace Green, The Nanny's Secret
Fiona McArthur, The Midwife's Baby
Elizabeth Lane, The Tycoon and the Townie
DONNA ALWARD, The Texan's Baby
Irene Brand, To Love and Honor
Ginna Gray, The Ties That Bind
Eva Rutland, The Million-Dollar Marriage
Elizabeth Lane, The Countess and the Cowboy
DONNA ALWARD, The Soldier's Homecoming
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