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Diana Palmer, The Case of the Missing Secretary
Delores Fossen, The Texas Lawman's Last Stand
Crystal Stovall, With All Josie's Heart
Christina Hollis, The Tuscan Tycoon's Pregnant Housekeeper
CATHY WILLIAMS, The Italian's One-Night Love-Child
Diana Palmer, The Case of the Mesmerizing Boss
Debbi Rawlins, To Love An Older Man
Claire Baxter, The Single Dad's Patchwork Family
Charlotte Hawkes, The Surgeon's One-Night Baby
Catherine Spencer, The Greek Millionaire's Secret Child
Denise Lynn, The Warrior's Winter Bride
Debbi Rawlins, The Honeymoon That Wasn't
Christine Rimmer, The Midnight Rider Takes A Bride
Charlene Sands, The Heart of a Cowboy
Catherine Mann, Under The Millionaire's Influence
Delores Fossen, Trace Evidence in Tarrant County
Deb Kastner, The Heart of a Man
Christine Pacheco, The Rogue And The Rich Girl
CATHY WILLIAMS, The Secret Spanish Love-Child
CATHERINE GEORGE, The Italian Count's Defiant Bride
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