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BEVERLY BARTON, Murdock's Last Stand
Anne Fraser, Mistletoe, Midwife...Miracle Baby
Tina Leonard, Laredo's Sassy Sweetheart
Tara Quinn, Just Around The Corner
Susan Crosby, Marriage On His Mind
Barbara Hannay, Needed: Her Mr Right
Ann Lethbridge, More Than a Mistress
Tori Phillips, Lady Of The Knight
Suzanne McMinn, Make Room For Mommy
Susan Crosby, I'm Your Man
Ashley Summers, On Wings Of Love
Allison Leigh, Millionaire's Instant Baby
Terry Essig, Mad For The Dad
Suzanne McMinn, Her Man To Remember
Sue Swift, His Baby, Her Heart
Anne Peters, My Baby, Your Son
Trish Milburn, Her Very Own Family
Teresa Hill, His Bride by Design
SUSAN MEIER, Love, Your Secret Admirer
Sophie Pembroke, His Very Convenient Bride
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