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Carla Cassidy, Strangers When We Married
Candace Havens, She Who Dares, Wins
Bonnie Gardner, Sgt. Billy's Bride
Barbara Hannay, Outback Wife and Mother
Anne Mather, The Arrogance Of Love
Carla Cassidy, Snowbound with the Bodyguard
Candace Camp, Secrets of the Heart
Beverly Bird, Playing By The Rules
B.J. Daniels, Rescue at Cardwell Ranch
Allison Leigh, Sarah And The Sheriff
Cara Summers, Take My Breath Away...
BRONWYN JAMESON, Quade: The Irresistible One
Betsy Eliot, The Brain and The Beauty
B.J. Daniels, One Hot Forty-Five
ABBY GREEN, The Call of the Desert
Caridad Pineiro, Soldier's Secret Child
Brenda Harlen, One Man's Family
Barbara McMahon, Starting with a Kiss
Anne McAllister, One-Night Love-Child
ABBY GREEN, Secrets of the Oasis
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