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What a Lady Needs

From USA TODAY bestselling author comes the second book in her captivating series about the Redgraves—four siblings celebrated for their legacy of scandal and seduction… Lady Katherine Redgrave has one mission—to find her deceased father’s journals, which may hold the key to a traitorous conspiracy that puts Kate’s family in danger. Kate vows to let no obstacle stand in her way…but when she meets Simon Ravenbill, Marquis of Singleton, her attentions are diverted as the sinfully handsome nobleman tempts her beyond reason.Simon has a mission of his own: to uncover the truth about the secret society he believes murdered his brother. All he needs is to get to the Redgrave journals before Kate does. The solution is simple—he’ll romance the fiery beauty in the hopes of distracting her from her quest, all while covertly searching for the diaries himself.Yet what begins as a charade soon becomes an all-consuming desire…one that could lead them down the most dangerous path of all.

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