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The Butler Did It

Like every noble in the London peerage, Morgan Drummond, Marquis of Westham, expects his butler to be awaiting his return home – even when that return follows a five-year absence.But he didn't expect the horde of strangers who've taken up residence in his house, courtesy of that enterprising butler and a discreet classified ad. Morgan's plan to toss his unwelcome tenants into the street is thwarted by a beautiful but indomitable debutante, Miss Emma Clifford – who's not averse to a bit of blackmail for a good cause.Now Morgan finds himself squiring the lovely Emma to the ton's most fashionable events – and what's more surprising, he's beginning to enjoy it. Surely he's not falling for such an infuriating woman, even if she does have a way of making him forget his own name? That butler has a lot to answer for – but then again, it's so hard to find good help….

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Рубрики: Зарубежные любовные романы, Современная зарубежная литература

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