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The Keeper. Part 1. An Invitation

Craig Speakes

Just when it looked like another uneventful summer was coming to an end, a series of unexpected events catapult 12 year old Arthur into a secret government project to build a space ship to make the worlds first alien contact. The reason? Unbelievably, he's the only one who can make it fly. Drastic circumstances force them to launch way before they're ready, and, in a ship which no one is sure will bring them back again.Arriving at their destination, only to discover a planet in chaos, Arthur and his friends are called upon to join the resistance in the final battle of a hundred year war against the evil Solarian empire. Do they have what it takes to fight and survive in a world of giant war bots and levitating tanks? Whats more, even if they do survive, are they ever going to be able to get home?

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Рубрики: Боевая фантастика, Детективная фантастика, Космическая фантастика

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